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Estonia   What to see
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Kuressaare Town Hall
Address: Tallinna 2, Kuressaare, Saaremaa
map Location
The Town Hall of Kuressaare with its clean cut, simple, but distinguished lines represents the Northern Baroque style. The Swedish nobleman, Count Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie, is the creator credited with the idea of building the hall and even drew the first sketches himself. The Town Hall was built between 1653 and 1670, under the guidance of master builder, Franz Stiemer and stonemason, J. Hansson. The Latin text above the portal - SEMPER OFFICIO FUNGITUR UTILITATI HOMINUM CONSULENS ET SOCIETATI. ANNO MDCLXX (The will of the people is consulted and the good of society is followed. AD 1670) stresses the public use of the building. The Town Hall was restored to its original appearance and function during a renovation which was accomplished between 1961 and 1973 by the architect, A. Maasik, and art historian, H. Sirel. The Town Hall now houses a tourist information centre and an art gallery and occasionally serves as a venue for concerts.
The Weighing House
Address: Tallinna 3, Kuressaare, Saaremaa
map Location
The Weighing House is located in the central square, opposite the Town Hall. The Weighing House was built in 1666 as a place to keep the public scales, while the central square served as the market place. This is the only building of its type that has survived in Estonia. The main attraction of the small two story limestone building is in the strict symmetry in the architecture and the scaled gable, decorating the façade. The Weighing House was enlarged with a single story building in the 18th Century, probably for stables. The building has had numerous functions throughout the centuries. At the turn of the 18th Century, it accommodated the Town Guard, at the turn of the 19th, the Town Post Station. The initial façade was restored in 1980 - 1982, by the architect, L. Hansar, and the historian, A. M. Hallik.
Kurtna Motomuuseum (Mootorattamuuseum)
Address: Tagadi tee 1, Kiisa, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 508 7150
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The Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
Address: Narva maantee 95, Tallinn, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 611 21 02
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The Tallinn Song Stage was built in 1959 for arranging the Song Festivals. The stage was meant to hold over 15 000 singers but it’s also possible to use it the other way – the performance will take place in front of the stage and audience is sitting on the stage. Our indoor rooms can be used as a backstage area during the concerts but those are also suitable for all kind of events, parties, concerts, banquettes, fairs, exhibitions etc. In the northern side of the song stage there is 42 m high fire tower, which is used during the famous Song Festivals. It is also opened for the public all year long. Tallinna Lauluväljaku AS was founded in 1994 as a legal successor of Puhkeparkide Direktsioon (Leisure Parks Direction) and it’s a joint venture owned by the city of Tallinn. Tallinna Lauluväljaku AS is operating and administrating the state owned territory and city owned buildings and also providing wide variety of services to its clients. Our corporations mission is to develop the territory and buildings so that it would be an attractive environment for entertainment, culture and leisure activities. Our aim is also to be an attractive sight for tourists, the best known and highly valued ground for arranging all kind of events.
Lihula linnus
Address: Lihula, Lihula, Läänemaa
map Location
58.694276194397794, 23.8390257632293
Lihula Museum
Address: L innuse tee 1, Lihula, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 477 8880
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Museum of Lihula is located in Läänemaa, along the Tallinn-Risti-Virtsu road, 110 km from Tallinn, 55 km from Haapsalu and Pärnu. Museum is founded in 1995 and is situated in a manor-house which was built in the middle of the 19th century. Behind the manor-house stand the ruins of former Bishop's castle from the 13th century. Our different exhibitions give a review over the history of Lihula and South-Läänemaa. most interesting archaeological findings from the castle and Lihula area are exhibited. Visitors have admired our etnographic items characteristic only to West-Estonia - national costumes, rugs, lap robes and tools from Lihula area. In summer we have different temporary exhibitions in museum.
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Linnahall Auditorium
Address: Mere puiestee 20, Tallinn, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 641 2250
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Loodi ehk Paistu Põrguorg
Address: Loodi, Paistu, Viljandimaa
map Location
Lydia Koidula Memorial Museum
Address: Jannseni 37, Pärnu, Pärnumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 44 33 313
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Koidula museum is located at Pärnu Ülejõe schoolhouse. The building was constructed in 1850 and has a unique interior solution. It was the home of Johann Voldemar Jannsen and the editorial office of the Perno Postimees newspaper until 1863, now it is under protection as a historical monument. Jannsen’s elder daughter, poetess Lydia Koidula grew up in the house. It is the main task of the museum to keep alive the memory of L. Koidula and J. V. Jannsen and introduce their life and work in the context of the period of national awakening in Estonia through the permanent exposition of the museum.
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Lääne County Museum
Address: Kooli 2, Haapsalu, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 47 37 065
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The museum has been operating in the former town hall of Haapsalu (constructed in 1775) since 1950. The permanent exhibition “Possibility of Life in Läänemaa” (1998) illustrates the history and culture of Haapsalu and the county of Läänemaa. Periodic temporary exhibitions are held in own house and outside. The oldest preserved monument in the world dedicated to Fr. Schiller is also located at the museum.
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Estonian History Museum - Maarjamäe Palace
Address: Pirita tee 56, Tallinn, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 6968 600
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Maarjamäe or Orlov’s Palace was commissioned by Count Anatoli Orlov-Davydov from St. Petersburg. The historicist limestone summer residence on the seashore was designed by architect Robert Gödicke. In the 1930s the building housed a magnificent restaurant – the Riviera Palace. In 1937 the Estonian Air force Flying School obtained the building, the Soviet Army took over in 1940. The restored palace opened its doors to the public as a branch museum of the Estonian History Museum in 1987. Permanent and temporary exhibitions about Estonian history.
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Mahtra Talurahva museum
Address: Muuseumi 1, Juuru, Raplamaa
map Location
Tel: +372 484 4199
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St Michael’s Lutheran Church in Mihkli
Address: Mihkli, Koonga, Pärnumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 564 0300
The ancient church of Soontagana has a west tower (1781) and a 19th century pseudo-Gothic interior. The bell was made in Stockholm in 1684, and was buried for 28 years after the last war. Built: XIII.
Mihkli farm museum
Address: Viki, Kihelkonna, Saaremaa
map Location
Tel: +372 45 54463
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On the western coast of Saaremaa, 3 km from Kihelkonna towards Kuressaare one may find a peculiar museum - Mihkli Farm Museum. There was no need to gather things into this farm: the complete set of farm houses and all kind of things needed in every-day life were there. Almost all the things have been made by the people of six generations living there during two centuries. You can see historical exhibits in their historical environment. Mihkli Farm Museum was born on Feb. 5, 1959, when the last owner of the farm became the first employee of the new museum after having handed over all the buildings and everyday commodities to Saaremaa Museum.
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Mõdriku mõis
Address: Tiigivahe tee 2, Mõdriku, Vinni, Lääne-Virumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 329 5950
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Mõniste muuseum
Address: Kuutsi, Mõniste, Võrumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 789 0622, +372 525 7027
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> Museums
Address: Üsse, Ridala, Läänemaa
map Location
Tel: +372 472 9127
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Muhu Museum
Address: Koguva, Muhu, Saaremaa
map Location
Tel: +372 45 48872
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Muhu Museum in the village of Koguva on the island of Muhu illustrates the life of a prosperous coastal farm in the 19th century. Tooma farmstead – the birthplace of Estonian writer Juhan Smuul – with all outbuildings and farm equipment is the heart of the museum. Additionally, an old village school dating back to the mid-19th century and a display of ethnographic textiles (Muhu folk costumes and bridal quilts) exhibited in the office building of the museum at Koguva Välja, belong to the museum. In addition to the ethnographic farmstead, an exposition introducing the life and work of Juhan Smuul and his summertime writing-room can be seen at Tooma. A copy of the Letter of Freedom, granted to the peasants of Koguva in 1532, is displayed on the wall of the Tooma living-room. The history and inhabitants of the village of Koguva are introduced. The museum is situated in the heart of the Koguva village, which is a heritage conservation area. Old dry-stone walls and crooked village streets create a unique archaic atmosphere around the museum. It is worth remembering, however, that the rest of the village is not a museum and the villagers are leading their normal daily life.
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Mustvee Püha Nikolai apostlik-õigeusu kirik
Address: Tartu 14, Mustvee, Jõgevamaa
map Location
Tel: +372 5550 9060
Muuga mõis
Address: Muuga, Laekvere, Lääne-Virumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 526 40 98
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